How to Check the Traffic on Competitor Websites

Assume you’re visiting an antiques shop and spot a set of silver spoons you really desire. To acquire the spoons, you must have the best offer – but assume you don’t know what anybody else has bid. You have no idea how high you should go.Bidding at an auction is directly comparable to marketing your business in many ways. You’re competing for potential consumers, but you have no idea how to improve your efforts until you know what your competitors are doing. That is why it is critical to keep an eye on your competition.Keep a careful watch on your rivals’ website traffic in particular. If a big rival is pulling in significantly more traffic than you, it is likely that they are doing something you are not. To keep the consumers who are already coming to them, you must figure out what that something is.

7 steps to help you spy on competitors

It’s critical that you spy on rivals to discover what they’re doing to get clients. Understanding how rivals achieve success is important to surpassing them with your own efforts.Fortunately, monitoring rival traffic is not difficult. You simply ought to follow a simple method, and you’ll have all you need to reoptimize your marketing in no time.

Here’s a seven-step process for analyzing rival website traffic!

1. Lay out a plan

Before you start pulling out your trench coats and magnifying lenses, make a plan for competition espionage. The process might rapidly get muddled if there is no clear sense of direction.

You must establish two values from the start:

  • Goals What exactly do you want to know? What specific facts about your rivals do you wish to learn?
  • Competition What are your competitors’ names? Which specific firms will you investigate?

You presumably already have a good idea of who your competitors are, but make a list nevertheless. If you’re having difficulties, try searching for target keywords in Google to see which firms appear at the top of the results.

2. Gather valuable competitor spying tools

               You can acquire some basic information about the progress on your own, but you won’t go very far without the assistance of competition monitoring tools. These tools enable you to see information that you would not normally be likely to see.Once you’ve gathered all of the necessary equipment, you’re finally ready to begin the spying procedure.

3. Look at competitors’ web content

              When you examine competition traffic, you are doing more than just determining how many people visit their website. You can find such information in a matter of seconds if you have the appropriate tool. The hard task is figuring out how they obtained that traffic. What drew so many visitors to their website? Frequently, the solution may be found in their website material.High-traffic websites generally utilize some sort of content marketing to attract new visitors, whether it’s blog articles, videos, or something else entirely. You can better decide how to maximize your own content by visiting the pages on your rivals’ website that generate the most traffic and viewing the material found there.

4. Find out what keywords to target

              You may look at the content on your rivals’ website as well as the keywords they employ to rank that material in Google. Which queries are they focusing on, and which ones are generating the most traffic?

5. Assess competitors’ social media campaigns

              If you want to track your competitors’ website traffic, social media may not appear to be the way to go. However, for many businesses, social media is one of the most consistent sources of traffic, especially if they publish links to their most recent blog articles or other comparable material.As a result, you can profit from looking at your rivals’ social media. Which blog postings appear to drive the most traffic to the company’s website? In addition, which areas on the site do they direct people to? You may use the same social media strategies that are driving the most traffic to your rivals’ sites to your own social media once you’ve determined which ones are providing the most traffic to your rivals’ sites.



6. Buy from your competitors

             This tip may appear contradictory, which is understandable. Purchase your competitors’ goods or services? Offer them even more money? Why would you do such a thing?The reasoning you should think about buying from your competitors is that the procedure will reveal a lot about their usual customer experience. What aspects of the purchasing process are they excelling at? What might they do better?If their “cart” pages have plenty of traffic, it means they’re doing a great job of generating conversions. Whenever you buy a product, you’ll be able to see how they’re doing it. Then you may use what you’ve learned to your own conversion.


7. Know when to stop

          It is critical to keep up with what your rivals are doing, but it is also critical to know where and how to draw the line. Competitor surveillance may become a big blind alley for many marketers, as they can’t seem to stop contrasting themselves to their competition.You don’t want to become caught in a loop of seeing all of your rivals’ accomplishments and being demotivated about your own efforts as a result. You want to go in, gather the necessary information, and then return to your own operations.That is why the first step on this list, establishing a strategy, is so critical. You must plan ahead of time where you will strike a balance and return to your own marketing.

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